Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rose McLarney's Writing Place for "The Orion Blog"

"I have to bend down to enter the door and I sit, straight-backed on a stool, under a pair of meat hooks. It’s a canning house, an outbuilding on my old farm, built into the hillside, out of uneven brick, lined with beadboard, and in shelves. The canning house is where food—rows of jars, hanging hams—was once stored, and I think I use it because I want to take putting by as my model. Perhaps I can write something as enduring as preserves. I don’t imagine mine will be canonical masterpieces, but I would like to think I could write a poem worth revisiting, the way the complex taste, even the resilient texture, of summer’s rhubarb is when un-canned again in winter."

Rose McLarney, the author of The Always Broken Plates of Mountains, writes about where she writes for The Orion Blog. If that first paragraph intrigued you (as we suspect it did), read on! And after, head over to Four Way to get a copy of her book and see what other new titles we have.