Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Debra Spark Begins Blog Tour with "MyJewishLearning"

Debra Spark, the author of The Pretty Girl, has begun her blog tour for her book at MyJewishLearning.

"In literature, as in life, you may go looking for one thing, only to find another. Several years ago, I decided to go to London to do research for a novel I was planning to write. I had written a short story about Victorian toy theatres — it’s in my most recent book, The Pretty Girl — and I didn’t think I was quite through with the subject. I had an idea of writing a novel that was set, at least partially, in Victorian times and focused on a Jewish engraver of plates for the toy theatre. I felt, from the start, that I was in over my head. What did I know about Victorian London? Much less, Jews in that time period? As part of my research, I engaged a tour guide who took me on a daylong tour of Jewish London. By the end of the day, I felt unequal to the task of my novel. There was too much I didn’t know."

Click here to continue reading Spark's post. This is only her first blog post... keep an eye out for her next blog tour stops! And be sure to get your copy of The Pretty Girl on our site.