Monday, July 2, 2007

David "Awesome" Lawrence on WKCR

David "Awesome" Lawrence, former professional boxer, former CEO, trainer at Gleason's Gym, ex-con, English Ph.D., poet, author of the forthcoming Lane Changes will appear on New York radio station WKCR this Tuesday, 3rd July, at 9.30pm. David will be interviewed by Eric Hirsch about the changes that have governed his life, about the inspiration for his debut collection of poems, and about what it means to be a boxer and poet. He'll also read from Lane Changes . The show is called "Arts and Answers."

If you miss David on the radio, you'll be able to catch him at two readings in November: Saturday 17th November at 6pm at Gleason's Gym, and Thursday 29th November at 7pm at McNally Robinson bookstore in Soho, when Four Way Books launches its Fall list with readings by David, Laurel Blossom ( Degrees of Latitude ), April Ossmann ( Anxious Music ), and Spring author Terri Ford ( Why the Ships are She ).

About Lane Changes :
The boxing ring. The interior of a federal prison. Where your luck runs out and you find yourself living on instinct and chance. Making a comeback, hitting the canvas, picking yourself up and beginning again. The wild, aggressive, unapologetic poems of Lane Changes : will take you on the most extraordinary ride, from encounters with John Gotti to the way a thrown punch can be an expression of affection. “Your injuries are a form of dialogue with loneliness,” writes Lawrence, and his poetry makes us look at despair and sadness alongside exhilaration. This is book that soars the highs and plumbs the depths, finding that it’s often difficult to tell the difference.