Monday, April 9, 2012

Great Response to Tina Chang's Reading at The Fleming Museum

"The Fleming Museum hosted Tina Chang on March 28 as part of the monthly Painted Word Series led by professor Major Jackson.

Varied speakers presented her poetry to the audience.

In Tina Chang’s second book of poetry, “Of Gods and Strangers,” the taste of the discoveries made in Chang’s poems lingers with the audience.

The sounds and images in Chang’s collection are electric: we are drawn across borders and time, and when we reenter the world, we remember vividly what we experienced in the lives of the poems.

A current Brooklyn poet laureate, Tina Chang writes with a richness and lucidity that extends throughout her poems and with a collectivity that claims us.

We become one with the Empress dowager, the young girls, the first-person speaker in a club whose clear voice seems to rise up from the shadows.

As the audience of the poems in “Of Gods and Strangers,” we experience such an intimacy with the experiences and atmospheres created that it is almost as if we, too, become written into the collection by its conclusion. "

Click here to hear more about the reading and be sure to visit Four Way Books to learn more about Tina Chang's poetry books and get copies.