Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Brooklyn Poet Laureate and Four Way Author Tina Chang on Life and Death for Brooklyn Book Festival

Tina Chang, a Four Way Books poet and the Brooklyn poet laureate talks about life and death and how she represents both in a poem of hers for the Brooklyn Book Festival "OnePage".

"In my poem, I contemplate both life and death. When my daughter was born, her grandmother passed away. In the same year, my children lost their grandfather. It was a confusing time but I imagined the lives that passed gave me, as a mother, a mythical strength. In this poem, a son is about to be born and the speaker envisions him as if he were a cosmic dream about to happen. The birth is as turbulent as it is blissful which is what I envision the origin of life to be."

To read the poem, click here. To get a copy of her latest book, Of Gods and Strangers, visit us online.