Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rain Taxi Review of Sarah Gorham's "Bad Daughter"

Rain Taxi has published a review of Sarah Gorham's Bad Daughter (Four Way Books) by reviewer Nick DePascal.

"Sarah Gorham's fourth collection of poetry, Bad Daughter, is a varied and dynamic meditation on the many manifestations of family life, from husbands and wives, to sisters, and especially mothers and daughters. Gorham's poems consider these relationships from a multitude of viewpoints, including prayers, deconstructed sonnets and more, all the while working in a lyric style. Gorham has an ear for music and many of the poems have a pleasing sonic quality to them, though at times the lyrical qualities of certain poems take precedence over sense, and the reader can occasionally get lost....

Despite these occasional moments, Gorham's skill in controlling and manipulating voice and tone makes for a number of wholly original and enjoyable poems. Bad Daughter is ultimately a pleasure to read for its sharp imagery, unabashed lyricism, and its deft portraiture of the vagaries of family life."

To read more of the review (including close reading of a couple poems), click here. If you want to order a copy of Bad Daughter, visit us online. And while you're on our site, take a look around at other books (there are more books by Sarah Gorham!)