Monday, March 26, 2012

Alex Dimitrov, Future Four Way Books Author, Published in The Yale Review

Four Way Books is so excited for Alex Dimitrov's first book with us, Begging for It. In other good news, Dimitrov's poem, Bloodletting was featured in The Yale Review.

Alex Dimitrov

The gods have no choice
but to let us live a little—

they would die for comedy.
You and I today, we're like bad actors

in a black and white Fellini movie.
If you can't show red, why bother filming?

The scene where the boys undress
and color the river with sex

is useless, like bloodletting.
And the pistons of the heart, the heart—

aren't pumping fast enough
to let us feel this thrashing.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for Begging for It and check our website so you can get your copy!