Monday, February 20, 2012

Bomb Magazine Interviews Four Way Books Author and Brooklyn Poet Laureate Tina Chang

Robin Beth from Bomb Magazine interviews Tina Chang, Four Way Books author and Brooklyn Poet Laureate. Beth asks Chang about her latest book Of Gods and Strangers (Four Way Books) and much more.

"I definitely draw from the images, moments, dreams, conversations, conflicts, and hysteria in my everyday life, but when I’m writing a poem, everything falls away as if this world is collapsing—and I don’t mean that in a catastrophic way. Everything is swept away, broken down, dismantled and then built up and reconstructed again. I, too, rise up as a character in a town, city, room, in someone’s arms. I’m never sure what will happen and where these speakers might resurrect, but I feel like the “me,” the real me that teaches, commutes, brings my son to school, must be ready to receive what these speakers wish to say or do."

To hear more of what Chang has to say, read more of the interview. And be sure to visit Four Way Books to get a copy of one (or both!) of her books.