Monday, January 16, 2012

C. Dale Young's Poem "The Second Fallacy" as Monday's Poem for The Chronicle of Higher Education

Four Way Books author C. Dale Young has his poem, "The Second Fallacy", published in The Chronicle of Higher Education for "Monday's Poem".

The Chronicle’s poetry blogger, Lisa Russ Spaar, notes: Few cognitive constructions are as fluid and fallacious as memory, that conspiracy, that conjuring, that supreme fiction of recalled, reconstructed, recreated experience. How fickle, mutable, and faulty are the brain’s recollections.... In C. Dale Young’s “The Second Fallacy,” which is, among other things, a meditation on the vicissitudes of Mnemosyne, a bougainvillea plant provides the Proustian cookie trigger, the occasion for a psychological foray that is part rhetorical theorem, part id-haunted confession. By indicating that the poem is giving us not the first but the “second” of what could be an even longer enumeration of fallacious errors in a line of reasoning, the title situates the poem in the midst of an a priori and ongoing argument. " Read the rest of the article on their Brainstorm page.

To read more of C. Dale Young's poems, go to Four Way Books' website for his most recent book, Torn.