Friday, November 18, 2011

MORE Magazine Reviews Eileen Pollack's Forthcoming Novel, BREAKING AND ENTERING

Book Review: 'Breaking and Entering' by Eileen Pollack

A compassionate, humorous new novel about the ambiguities of modern life.

by Lynn Schnurnberger
Photograph: Avery Powell

After his patient commits suicide, a shattered Richard Shapiro and his wife, Louise, both therapists, move from upscale, liberal Marin County, California, to a rural Michigan village in 1995. But so much for the great escape: Louise takes up with a magnetic married minister, and Richard befriends members of the local militia, which has ties to the Oklahoma City bomber. Set against the backdrop of a divided America, Breaking and Entering by Eileen Pollack is a novel laced with compassion, humor and wisdom about the ambiguities of modern life. (