Monday, November 28, 2011

The Association of Jewish Libraries Reviews BREAKING AND ENTERING by Eileen Pollack

From Association of Jewish Libraries: Nov/Dec 2011

Pollack, Eileen. Breaking and Entering. Tribeca, NY: Four Way Books, 2012.
386 pp. $18.95 (9781935536123).

“When a client of Louise’s husband Richard commits suicide, the couple is plunged into a dark period. In an attempt to recover both professionally and maritally, they move to a small town in Michigan, just before the Oklahoma City bombing. In some ways, this move seems like it might bring this family together, but in other ways they are as far apart as ever. Can Louise and Richard figure out how to fight their personal demons and come together as a family again? There are many issues facing these characters and the way they deal with them is both complex and interesting. Pollack takes on many controversial and emotional issues in this novel about which readers are sure to have strong opinions, including intermarriage, cheating, and racism. The writing is very good and makes the book an easy read. This book could be really great for book club discussions. Readers will care for this family and root for them to succeed. This book is recommended for Jewish libraries and public libraries.”

Debbie Feder, Director, Library Resource Center,
Ida Crown Jewish Academy, Chicago