Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Valley News Article on Sydney Lea

Sydney Lea: Taking Stock at 68
By Warren Johnston
Valley News Staff Writer

Sydney Lea has spent most of his life thinking about growing up. And until recently, the 68-year-old poet was still grappling with what constitutes adulthood, a concept that eludes many of us. He put a career at Dartmouth on the line because he didn't want to conform to the rigors of the college's English department. He has had a lifetime of playing in the woods and fields, climbing mountains and soaking up what nature has to offer.

Lea found a new perspective after the recent birth of his first granddaughter. He reflects on the past and looks forward in his new book of poems, Young of the Year. In the title poem, which is dedicated to his granddaughter, Cora Jane Lea, he notes “… Young of the Year, I whisper the term our old folks use to name a prior spring's wild things -- or the year itself, young year.”

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