Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poems and an Interview with C. Dale Young

Read a discussion about three of C. Dale Young's poems from his forthcoming book, Torn, on The Fine Delight blog, as well as an interview with Moderator Nick Ripatrazone.

From the interview:

"'Torn' is a poem that for me is filled with contradictions and doubt about humanity. That human beings are capable of tenderness and the ability to heal while at the same time being capable of incomprehensible brutality is something I have always found compelling and powerful. Many of the poems in the book deal with these dualities and doubts. I also realized that in many ways I am torn in that I work both as a physician and as a poet. I am also torn as a man who is part Caucasian, part Asian and part Latino. When I first assembled the first draft of the manuscript and read through it, the title Torn seemed inevitable."