Friday, May 29, 2009

Daniel Tobin recieves Guggenheim Fellowship

Congratulations to Daniel Tobin who has been awarded a 2009 Fellowship in Poetry from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation! Daniel's collection, Second Things was released this past fall. 

"Second Things is the work of a mind intimate with such forces—such reckonings—a mind able to hear the first bloom of the clematis and think, “Regard me, I would have it say, abiding here /
among the second things bright and perishing.” Tobin’s supple mind and deft line hold in perfect poise both the bright and the perishing, the history of Ireland and Irish-Americans alongside
today’s present moment. In the Harvard Review, critic Christopher Bock writes that “Four Way Books is known for taking risks with aesthetically challenging and important work, and Tobin
seems more ambitious than many of his contemporaries.” In Second Things Tobin demonstrates that striking ambition, and this collection is a testament to the rich rewards it brings." -- from the Second Things Press Release